Creative Director

Samantha is a media strategist, event planner, dreamer and visionary of STARFISH. As a founding owner of the company, Samantha has built a solid team of event and marketing specialists who are passionately connected to their clients and willing to over-deliver on every project. With a Master’s Degree in Communications and Culture from York and Ryerson University specializing in new media technologies, a career in strategic communications with the Government of Canada and with hundreds of event marketing projects under her belt, Samantha is able to create original, fresh solutions for STARFISH clients. Since launching the company, Samantha has coordinated a variety of events including conferences, carnivals, weddings and outstanding charitable fundraisers. As technology advances rapidly so too does Samantha’s inventive personality which pushes the limits of her industry. Samantha’s strategic communications background helps clients solve their business problems via the infusion of fresh marketing and communications campaigns. She devotes herself fully into every project in order to ensure a client’s investment and expectations are not only reached, but also exceeded. Samantha’s experience in public relations, strategic communications and events of all sizes and cultural settings validates her as an extraordinary member and leader of the STARFISH team. To contact email: hello@eventsbystarfish.com

Graphic Designer + Events Specialist
With over 10 years of experience in developing and managing a variety of events Aaron is a versatile and skilled member of the STARFISH team. Trained in etiquette and protocol, Aaron has experience working with diplomats and government officials in a variety of cross-cultural settings. With a well-trained eye for detail and a passion to please, Aaron works hard to create an affair that exquisitely reflects your taste and style. He is a talented coordinator and graphic designer who creates unique invitations, advertisements, and marketing materials for our clients. As one of the company’s co-founders Aaron is genuinely committed to surprising clients with even more than they expect. To contact email: aaron@eventsbystarfish.com

Hannah Schatz, WPICC
Events + Wedding Specialist

With a background in Radio and Television Arts from Ryerson University and a certificate from the Wedding Planners Institute of Canada, Hannah brings knowledge ranging from cutting edge trends in technology to wedding etiquette. Hannah’s skill set is extensive, and among other things she has experience planning fantastic weddings, managing media projects for television and radio and creating a wide variety of events for diplomats and organizations of all sizes. Her enthusiasm is contagious as she puts energy into making any budget work; leaving her clients feel at ease and excited for the possibilities of their event! The STARFISH expansion puts Hannah at the forefront of Toronto events where she leads the way – personalizing those final details that give each of her events distinction and awe. To contact email: hannah@eventsbystarfish.com

Stylist + Events Specialist

With a background in Communications from Ryerson and York University’s Master Program, Katarina’s passion lies with style and design. Since picking up her first issue of Vogue, Katarina has been an avid fashionista, believing in the motto that, “fashion fades but personal style is eternal.” Her keen eye for details enables her to develop marketing and project proposals that are innovative in their style and design while capturing and highlighting the personality and objective of her clients. Her role as a STARFISH events specialist and stylist are complimented by her adaptability, creativity and energetic personality that puts any client at ease. Katarina’s fun-loving attitude, strong work ethic and acute sense of style make her an asset to the overall STARFISH philosophy. To contact e-mail: katarina@eventsbystarfish.com

Events Specialist

The pre-event logistics are in the most capable of hands when Christine is running with them. With a love for fashion, décor and design she brings a diverse and fresh perspective to STARFISH events. Her approachability, efficient organization and strong management skills have enabled her to bring together fabulous fashion galas, classy affairs, diplomatic gatherings, and conferences. She brings luxurious and elite design concepts to event productions with the ability to make any budget work. Her commitment to service excellence and dependable persona are true assets when planning and coordinating any STARFISH event. To contact email: news@eventsbystarfish.com

Events Specialist

Andrew has an Honours degree in Political Science from Carleton University, and brings his experience in corporate event management to the STARFISH Team. With a wide range of experience in the hospitality field, Andrew has an exquisite eye for the fine details in any event. Andrew has experience in planning corporate and fundraising events for the professional community, as well as coordinating community events and weddings. Andrew brings experience in event planning, catering, hospitality and finance. Andrew’s vast array of experience in event management at all levels is a strong compliment to STARFISH and our clients. To contact email: andrew@eventsbystarfish.com

Events Specialist

With a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Ottawa and trained in Event Management Strategies, Alyssa is a well-diversified member of the STARFISH team.

Experienced in planning corporate events for the professional community, as well as coordinating community events and weddings, Alyssa’s passion to explore new and innovative projects makes her a dynamic and distinct events specialist. Her high energy and enthusiastic attitude makes her a pleasure to work with as she uses her creativity to provide innovative solutions for her clients. Her business background has given her the analytical skills required to execute a project efficiently and effectively.

Alyssa’s enthusiasm to explore new projects and events confirms her as a dynamic STARFISH events specialist. To contact, email: alyssa@eventsbystarfish.com

Events Specialist

Currently pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree in Mass Communications from Carleton University, with further plans to pursue an Event Management certification, Haya is eager to learn first-hand about the events industry. Hands-on is the best way to describe Haya, as she is always hard at work setting up the physical logistics of any event ensuring all those final details are in place for each and every project. Her calm demeanor and enthusiastic personality makes all our clients feel special. Ready to take on new challenges, Haya’s motivation and creativity is what makes her a shining new STARFISH events specialist.

Hugh Durant
Photographer + Events Specialist

With a Business background from Ryerson University, Hugh’s passion lies in capturing detailed and candid event moments through the lens of photography. His extensive travels throughout Asia, Europe and North America compliment his courteous, respectful and charismatic persona when he works with events of all varieties and cultural settings. His passion for photography encompasses all realms including events, fashion, portraiture, travel, and of course, weddings! Further to his photographic talents, Hugh also has experience working with high profile government and corporate projects including events, seminars and contract negotiations. In this capacity, Hugh’s ability to serve both as a STARFISH project manager and photographer gives him a very strategic birds eye view when planning and executing events. All things considered, Hugh is a strong compliment to STARFISH and our clients. To contact email: hugh@eventsbystarfish.com

James Brown
Technical supervisor

With over ten years of experience in audio and visual solutions, James is truly an expert in all technical aspects of production from lighting and sound to video technologies. His calm and relaxed demeanor is paralleled with his acute ability to sense a vision and execute it to the highest degree. James can easily read our clients and is able to de-code and simplify technical terminologies for any project. His trusting persona puts all clients at ease knowing that he is quick on his feet and always three steps ahead when it comes to trouble shooting. His approachability and overall knowledge on the importance of the right audiovisual tools to complete any event is what makes James an essential STARFISH team member.

Videographer + Photographer

As a Television Broadcasting graduate from Algonquin College, Brian has always had a passion for photography. His strength lies in telling a story through the mediums of both photography and videography; creating a product with such energy and quality that it can relive any event. Since starting as a freelance videographer and editor, Bryan has always tried to push the envelope when it comes to production willing to take risks and face new challenges in order to create a product that awes and inspires his clients. Bryan’s talent and artistic eye in photography and videography makes him an essential part of any STARFISH project.