Marketing & Social Media

SAMANTHA – Senior Events Specialist
Specializing in Marketing and Social Media
Samantha is a media strategist, event planner, dreamer and visionary of STARFISH. As a founding owner of the company, Samantha has built a solid team of event and marketing specialists who are passionately connected to their clients and willing to over-deliver on every project. Specializing in new media technologies, a career in strategic communications with the Government of Canada and with hundreds of event marketing projects under her belt, Samantha is able to create original, fresh solutions for STARFISH clients. Samantha’s strategic communications background help clients solve their business problems via the infusion of fresh marketing and communications campaigns. She devotes herself fully into every project in order to ensure a client’s investment and expectations are not only reached, but also exceeded.

KARINA – Events Specialist
Specializing in Lifestyle Events (Bilingual)
Karina was captivated by the arts from a very young age. Influenced by her father’s career as a writer and musician, she enrolled in Art History studies. Various work opportunities developed her skills in graphic design and nourished her interest in event planning. After working in the non-profit sector for a few years, she developed a special interest in projects related to humanitarian and social causes where she cultivated an ability to work around tighter budgets. She demonstrates an eagerness to learn, a desire for efficiency and success in all current and future endeavors, as she pursues accreditations in event management. Karina’s artistic side is reflected in her keen eye for design and nurtured by her meticulous attention to details. She looks forward to using her wide and diverse skill set in order to make your unique ideas come to life in the most creative and remarkable ways.